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Stream2Sea Suncream

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Suncream...diver and mother approved

Stream2Sea Suncream was consciously created after the founder, Autumn, returned from a diving trip to Palau. She suddenly realised that all the conventional products she was using on her body were washing down the drain and returning back the ocean causing harm to our marine life. Autumn is an avid diver, an animal + environmental enthusiast who cares to make a difference to our marine life, but also to our bodies. She managed to create an amazing eco-conscious sunscream that has been rigorously tested to ensure the safest possible ingredients for you, your family, our waters and our planet.

Did you know that certain ingredients commonly used in sunscreams, cosmetics, and soaps are extremely toxic to corals and marine life? Most of the ingredients are hard to pronounce, but one natural ingredient that most think is safe for us and marine life is NOT.  Zinc Oxide is commonly used in suncreams to reduce the whitening effect upon applications. The trade-off for a little less rubbing in is our marine life!

When some of the conventional suncream chemicals and zinc oxide are introduced to our waters, the coral can get sick and expel their life-giving algae. Without these algae, the coral can bleach and may even die. Coral die-off has a spiral effect as it affects thousands of species of fish, which eventually affects us.

If one person chooses to be eco-conscious, they have the opportunity to share their choice with others, with hope good changes can happen and a difference will be made for our bodies and the future of marine life.