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A Carefully Crafted Tooth + Gum Powder

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At inVitamin, they wholeheartedly believe that the products we put into and on our bodies directly affect our health and well being. inVitamin's top priority is crafting top quality, uniquely natural personal care products using quality ingredients. 
inVitamin offers all natural oral products designed to contain only the best ingredients for you and your family. A great alternative from your conventional dental care products. This hand batch crafted, natural tooth powder was formulated to promote healthy teeth and gums without any nasty ingredients. inVitamin's tooth and gum powder do not contain synthetic additives, preservatives, foaming agents,  fluoride, artificial colours or flavours, bicarb or any other abrasive ingredients. This tooth powder far surpasses others on the market, with its careful, yet a specific list of tooth and gum supporting ingredients, with a verified dental abrasion score of 64 (this is good), its affordability and all without any scantily clad spokesperson!