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The Rise of Natural Products

With advances in research, technology and media, both traditional and social, we are becoming more conscious of the impact personal care products can have on our health. We’re challenging the promises and claims of once-trusted big brands that dominated our bathroom cabinets for generations, and we’re questioning the ingredients these products contain and their potentially harmful effects on our bodies, our animals and the environment.

We only get one body, so it’s vital we actively and mindfully care for it. Now, more than ever, switching to natural, toxin-free products is key. Better yet, it’s the easy, effective and enjoyable way of safeguarding your body’s health, and myECO evolution provides the products to do so.​​

Pearl Bar Natural products

The Why

There is a huge need for readily available, high quality and natural body care products that not only cater to those who desire toxin-free items, but also for those of us who believe in cruelty-free testing/manufacturing, and desire vegan alternatives that care for our planet in every way.

And so, we created myECO evolution. We are driven by an unwavering commitment to research, source and distribute high quality, toxin-free, cruelty-free, healthy, mindful, earth friendly products from around the world to our retail and wholesale customer bases here in New Zealand. These products are kinder, safer and consciously nourish the body.

The inspo behind myECO evolution...

I’m Katie and I’m a devoted mum of three beautiful children (5.5 years, 2.5 years, + 4 months) and a gorgeous chocolate brown Labrador. There’s nothing like taking on the biggest, life changing job in the world with all of its responsibilities to really start looking at how you’re living life and what you really want for your family.

So shortly after the birth of my eldest, I started to question the products we were using in our home, on our bodies, on our beloved dog and most importantly, on the delicate new skin of the baby my husband and I had just welcomed into our family. Suddenly, we found ourselves ‘cleaning up’ our lives one product at a time - researching, trialling, finding amazing, effective products…

This detoxing journey was life-changing. It was a long journey because I had a lot on my plate being a new mum and we couldn't afford to jump the bandwagon and switch out every product to natural alternatives. Since the shift however, we've had consecutive years of strong immune systems and great health, (sadly) in comparison to our peers and their families. When other families were in and out of the doctors' offices with their family, we were happy and healthy at home with just a few fast healing minor bugs.

Results like this and the benefits we felt, inspired us to share our knowledge and introduce and stock the products we have personally tested and loved! As word spreads about the necessity to use natural skin and body care products, we have further expanded our selection of imported and some local trustworthy, high quality, natural-based, cruelty free products and some vegan brands, that until now, have been unavailable or difficult to source in New Zealand...

​We are forever hunting, researching, learning and sharing what we find as we continue to explore new and interesting natural body care and eco smart products to share with our customers. It's a must that the products we stock are not only top quality, high performing and natural-based, but their base brand values and background must be ethical and earth and animal friendly too.

Pearl Bar Natural products

Be kind. Be safe. Be mindful.

Browse through our product selection, knowing that each item has been well-researched. We continue to strive and grow, sharing knowledge and raising awareness of products that support a stronger wellbeing and cleaner, simplified living for our bodies and our earth.

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