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today, it's all about MEE...

Posted by Katie Asplin on
today, it's all about MEE...

Unlike the name of my blog post, my post isn't about me. Instead, MEE as a mumboss NZ business, how our conscience little co.; myECO evolution (MEE) came to be!

I’m not going to pretend for a moment that I have any talent in writing. I promise you, I won’t impress, but I've been pressured for so long to get this going, so here I am...!! Over the series of blogs, I want to share with you some great crunchy tips, natural living insight, our fab products (and great products from others), recipes and anything really that will hopefully inspire you to think a bit more outside ‘conventional’ realm and into a more healthy, natural non-toxic you! I’m not going to lie; I’m nervous to do this….

I don’t know about other mums out there, but I found being promoted to household mummabear nearly 5 years ago 'awakened' me on so many levels! I won’t go into them all, but what’s most relevant to this first blog post (gahhhh!) is that mumming a tiny, delicate human that depended on me to make all his decisions changed my consumer behaviours BIG TIME! It all started one day when I read an article in the TIMES about one of the industry leading, most trusted, baby body care product manufacturers. They were sued and court ordered to pay out an insane amount of dosh for using carcinogenic and somewhat concealing ingredients in their line of ‘gentle enough' for your baby products, which caused 1 person (and I'm sure many more) grave health harm!  (article here) 

Firstly, I was shocked!! Then I was furious, but I didn’t know who to be furious with? Myself for not taking more responsibility in looking into the products I was using, or trusting million dollar corporations because they have super cute tv ads, and use clever marketing labelling that one would ‘infer’ their products are safe to use (when they were not)! In my mind, NO ONE (even large companies) would ever intentionally put our babies health at risk! Well, I was wrong, I was naïve, and I was clearly on a new path, with a new attitude looking to do a mega clean sweep of our buying behaviours, but mostly what we were selecting from the shelves to put in and on our bodies!

I started small, getting rid of wall plug-in smellies, candles, glass cleaner, body soap….  All at this time, my darling husband was sitting back with his popcorn watching his wife “evolve”…And might I add with a sceptic attitude at the time! This went on, and it was not an easy or inexpensive exercise, but that is why it took several years for my evolution to take place and really it continues to always be an 'in progress mode'. Being a rent/mortgage, bill paying adult with a child is tough…So a small step here and there are the best building blocks towards a  creating healthier you and a more non-toxic home. SLOW and STEADY…!

I ran into a mega roadblock when I landed on my armpits! On the best of days, beginning in my teen years, I used to struggle with deodorant effectiveness (the one filled with nasties) :-S I was constantly paranoid that people could smell something funky on me, so when I finally ‘hit the pits’ with my new natural, healthy approach, I GULPED REALLY HARD!!! Some background here, I don’t smell like flowers when I sweat. I wish, but instead, I’m a sweaty mix of cumin and old El’Paso taco seasoning! (Yes, I just said that:-/). Here’s one of those tips I was talking about… I read a while back that those that consume copious amounts of onions and garlic in their diet could defunkify their armpits by reducing the allium vege intake! Click here to find out what foods have been associated to funking-up your pits! A great tip if you love bland food, right?! I’d rather find a good, effective deodorant then punish my taste buds! I’m tangenting, aren’t I? So anyway, I buckled in tight an went head first into the realm of natural deodorants available in the NZ market! Unfortunately, I was left with a negative bank balance and still smelled like a car after you hit a Taco Bell (I grew up in North America) after the pub, but only worse because my was body was detoxing the chemicals from conventional deodorant.

Thankfully I didn’t lose any friends or my husband during my ‘trying’ times!! I was at a point where I thought I might be destined for ‘conventional’ deodorant until I came across a natural deodorant that was rated quite highly on an American blog. It was Schmidt’s (which I’m sure might be evident already). I ordered it! I tried. And I LOVED!!!!!! I was seriously gobsmacked with the effectiveness of this natural deodorant product! The armpits on my T-shirts were DRY (despite being smack in the middle of the hormonal sweats after having a baby 10 days prior) and I didn’t smell like Mexican seasoning any longer! #WINNINGLARGE!!!

For those with armpits like mine(or not), my most favourite Schmidt’s stick is Charcoal +Magnesium . It is most effective for me from the inside out because it has the magnesium for sensitive skin and charcoal for super defence on my armpit fumes! The smell is light, crisp and unisex. Perfect for me, although I’m currently using the Sensitive Jasmine Teastick which smells so sweet and pretty!  Don’t be fooled though, Schmidt’s is one of the few natural deodorants available in NZ that works….and works well!!   The choice is HARD... for men, women, those with sensitive skin or normal skin alike because there are just so many scrummy scents to choose from!!

Yes, that's right, the birth of MEE stemmed from my own armpit issues and the need to find an effective natural deodorant. Once I found Schmidt's (or Schmidt's had found me), I HAD to make it available here in NZ. So I DID! Along with some other great, hard to reach international natural, cruelty-free brands, and now you can easily shop with a happy conscience.

Until the next time…
Mrs MEE (aka. Katie)

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