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A CHANGE IS IN THE WIND... and it smells divine!

Posted by Katie Asplin on
A CHANGE IS IN THE WIND... and it smells divine!


Over the  20 weeks, life has changed in a big way  for our family and our business. We welcomed our third child into the world and have been taken by the storm that is parenting three, a busy working dad and busy-butt Mumpreneur. Days before Edie was born, I had been in touch with Kasia, the product developer and CEO of an exciting company. Kasia has this incredible product, she’s lovely and helpful and breathes her brand and business values. She just oozes honesty and integrity.  Kasia is just the type of person I want to deal with and support. I had learned of Kasia’s product through some old Schmidt’s Naturals customers who raved about her deodorant range. Now the proof was going to be in the pudding. Is this product as good as Kasia and those knowledgeable ex-Schmidt’s lovers say? 

Rustic MAKA deodorants

As I hotly anticipated the arrival of my Rustic MAKA samples, things went from tricky to worse with breastfeeding. Imagine me at home with my gorgeous yet busy other two and a newborn who’s feeding every half an hour  if she can latch and only cat naps whilst I’m trying to communicate to you guys (our lovely customers) about the changes that were happening at myECO evolution! All I can say team,  is when a woman says her Mama instincts are peaking, trust them  because they don’t lie! You know those deep gut feelings? Yah those ones!! I knew something wasn’t quite right with our breastfeeding from day, but had a few lovely professionals say “It’s all good!” We ended up finding out that our little lovey not only had a tight posterior tongue tie but also a lip tie and a narrow palate to boot. Basically, a breastfeeding shitstorm!

Well great news -  we got a diagnosis and got the treatment we needed to get on the right path. And just like that, this is essentially what we have done with our goodbyes to Schmidt’s Naturals (read more about it here).  And with BIG, open arms we’ve given a welcoming cuddle to Rustic MAKA’s deodorant range. Onwards and upwards with a product that I’m proud to offer in NZ. 

I’m totally loving the RM fragrance range! One thing I’m really liking is that the essential oil fragrance is nice, light and respectful instead of a big strong punch of smell right in your face! Kasia believes that too much essential oil in the formula can contribute to problematic irritations, so they have purposely developed a range that smells great but doesn’t kill the nose hairs.

The Rustic MAKA scent range was formulated with both women and men in mind. Some sweet, some musky, some fresh, some fruity! The range covers ‘em all! My hubby, Matt has been dabbling with a few scent profiles since the samples arrived several weeks back. He’s worn the bicarb free Takes Two to Mango and really found it fresh and light. No one has ever mentioned to him that he has fruity pits, which despite loving the scent, he was afraid of! Today, he’s using Calming Fields, which is fresh, awakening and delicate on the pits. My hubs has some delicate pitties, so he sticks with bicarb free. I’m still using my Sweet Lemonade stick and loving it. The smell is (weirdly enough) delicious but not enough to eat. I have my heart set on Takes 2 To Mango. It was the scent profile I gravitated to first, but was generous enough to give it my husband to test since it was bicarb free.

I’ve been using Rustic MAKA for many weeks now during a busy, HOT Kiwi summer, spent wrangling kids and our pooch, feeding a new baby and hosting loads of family from overseas here to meet our littlest, and I’ve found it to be effective, long-lasting, and gentle on my skin. What’s cool about the Rustic MAKA deodorant range is that it provides continuous odour control while being 100% plant and mineral based.  There is so much good stuff in their products and the team behind the products really live and breathe their core values. We feel honoured to be stocking their range exclusively here in New Zealand.  
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