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5 easy ways to transition to a healthier you + home!

Posted by Katie Asplin on
5 easy ways to transition to a healthier you + home!

5 steps to non-toxic living....


In my opening blog I shared that my transition to a healthier non-toxic approach wasn’t all! Time, money, and sanity (a complete lack of sleep with a new baby) weren’t on my side!! Single incomdom flashbacks…..urgh! Plus, at the time, I didn’t have anyone to chat this stuff over with, to point me in the right direction, or talk through my frustrations. I was a lone ranger, a newly found ‘radical’ (not quite:-P...sarcasm) walking down the path alone !  Either way,  I want to help make it easy for you, so here are 5 fairly easy suggestions to help you on this journey. Happy changing!



1. Biff those icky, nasty cleaning supplies for something non-toxic!


I thought about writing out a few of these not so great ingredients, but what’s the bother? We def know they are not good for us! Let me just say if there are any label warning icons on the backside of the bottle, or recommendations to ventilate and or even wear protective gloves for use, it’s safe to say, it ain’t good for ya! Run like the dickens…!!

Don’t sweat, there are a couple great non-toxic house hold cleaning brands on the shelves in your local the super market, developed with less harm to you and our lovely planet! Hey, I’ve heard heaps of great things about Figgy + Co natural cleaning products. I haven’t personally used because I’m slightly obsessed with DIY and always keen to save a buck where I can (I am the Frugal Mumma), but you should check them out! So if you're a DIYer like me, here’s 4 cleaning ingredients you can clean a whole heap of dirty stuff with!!
  • White Vinegar (I buy the 3 litre jug) 
  •  Baking Soda (buy from bulk stores in kg bags) 
  • Percarbonate (learn how to use here)
  • Essential oils (lavender, eucalyptis, peppermint, orange to name a few) 
​Click the 1, 2, 3 for links to non-toxic cleaning recipes.
2. When low, start replacing your empty conventional body care products with ones that are natural, 'cleaner', more nourishing to you, and kinder to the animals!
PictureToothpaste Lover...
​Not only are heaps of our everyday supermarket products riddled with sinister ingredients, these products are still being tested on animals:-( It’s a win, win, win to give up any body care products containing suss ingredients (suss ingredients cheat sheet). You save your body, save some animals, and save the environment too!
The supermarket is starting to introduce some great natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free brands, so you can find a few bits and pieces there. One thing I know is... I haven’t seen a good option for natural deodorant on our supermarket shelves! Sooo, if you're looking for an effective natural, aluminium free deodorant, SERIOUSLY look no further than Schmidt’s!! Its range has been formulated for men, woman (including teens), with normal skin to sensitive skin!!
Teeth are another area of concern with hubbub in the media around the dangers of some of the main ingredients in your ‘every day’ toothpaste brands. Grump! Plus, you may not be a fluoride hater, but I am. We don’t use it at home because it isn’t so flash for your brain and is quite toxic to your health, especially to little toothpaste suckers (urhem, little E…my mischievous little lady). According to the CDC, fluorides effectiveness in preventing dental caries is only 15-30% vs the host neurotoxic and health effects on the body:-( We reckon risk outways the benefit and it isn’t all that worth it for our family, but that is up to you decide:-). There are plenty of other ways to help prevent tooth decay, but I won’t get into that today! Although, here is a great book if you're keen to embarque on a natural oral care journey;=)

Lastly, a super duper easy body care swap out is EV coconut oil for your ol' pump bottle og St. Ives skin lube! EVC is multi-purpose becasuse you can moisturise, bake, cook, and medicate with the same jar! 
3. Ditch tap water and get a water filter to clean all the crap out of your cold, refreshing glass of aqua!!!

Your tap water is filled with lots of ‘goodies’ (sarcasm). The most common form of water treatment is chlorination which is completely NECESSARY to kill the bacteria out of the water we consume...because water consumption is essential! I’m not bashing that in any way! Although chlorination is necessary as a mass filtration/cleaning method for keeping municipal waters safe for consumption, it isn’t all that flash on your gut and health!! Long term exposure to chlorine starts to impair our gut microbiome which can cause all sorts of major and minor health problems. Also, fluoride fortification in our water is a practice within many of our municipalities along with any other waste that sneaks into our water from different polluting industries or our own human waste contaminated with medications/drugs. It isn’t all grim though. It ain’t about that! It’s about what you can do now to improve your drinking water quality and support that all important gut! There are plenty of filtration systems, fancy and expensive, to basic and inexpensive. The best of the best is a system that filters your entire house water system, so that baths and showers are free of nasties too. If this isn’t something you can do, it’s understandable. I’ve been there before myself, so instead we have a nice filtration system on our fridge and I use Kishu Activated Charcoal sticks in our personal water bottles when are on the run. You never know where you will have to fill up next! Oh, an easy way to have nice, extra clean bath water for you or the kiddos is chucking in some vit c powder or Epsom salts! Detoxifiaction made easy! 
4. Buy organic (when possible, which I know is rare due to the $$) or next best practice is buying NZ seasonal produce for all your yummy snacks and meals!

​​Admittedly, we can’t afford much to buy organic:-( When it comes to produce, the better choices without the ‘organic’ price tag is buying spray free, or local.  Stick to NZ seasonal produce as much as possible. Buy yourself a nice big bowl and dedicate it as your produce bathing bowl. Soak your grapes, apples, courgettes… whatevs in white vinegar or a high quality lemon essential oil (I use Doterra, but there are other reputable brands) to help wash off the pesticides and dirt. Buy meat from a quality butchers when on sale. Although I do not eat meat, my family does, so I like to know that I’m buying quality, ethical sourced, meats. We’ve been using for the last several months. My carnivores seem to be happy, and frankly so I am because it arrives to my door ready for the freezer!! Lastly, refrain from buying processed food as much as possible. I know it can be hard, but no ones is asking you for perfection! I'm not going to lie, just today, I polished off 12 tiny Moro bars in 2 days due to insane, uncontrollable pregnancy cravings for sweet! It tasted so good in the moment, but man did my tummy ache after I came down from the rush!  We are not perfect (far from it), but we are in an average 75/25 regime for the most part, and I'm ok with this! You will find a manageable balance that works for you and the madness your life might be! 
5. Start taking vitamins to support a healthy immune system and get some natural Vit D (it’s free…well ok not so much this winter, but better things are coming, right??)

​We haven’t been to the GP in a long time. Even the kids who used to be in and out of  the medical clinic on a fortnightly basis! Woot woot! In fact we even don’t have a GP since our move early this year:-S I owe this to a few things, but mostly to making a dedicated vitamin and mineral routine for the family. We each take a wholefoods multi-vit, vit D supplement in the winter, high dose of vit C daily, topical magnesium and a few more to boot! I won’t bore your with our regime, but it only takes a few days to start a new habit (kids and all) to much healthier, happier, well rested, less booger infested family! In the sunny months we try not use suncream WHERE POSSIBLE (even the good non-toxic ones found here) . We prefer to get our vit D naturally from the sun before 10am and after 4pm, so if you are driving by my house and see happen to see some tiny, yet adorable naked cheeks...that's why! We're soaking it in! Now, our vitamin regime is our own, so I recommend that you research a bit and/or see a naturopath or functional GP for advice on where to start. I swear by this change! I def bow down to the mighty vitamin!!

The depths of my vitamin cupboard...
vitamin cupboard

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